China Final Thoughts and Reflection

Ethical Issues in My Profession:

It is very important to consider ethical issues when dealing in any form of business. Failure to be aware of these ethical issues may result in punishments or failed businesses. One example of an ethical issue that may be faced is the collection of big data by a business. Many argue whether it is ethical to monitor the activity of individuals to collect personal information. It is important to not overstep any ethical boundaries when conducting these actions.

Educational Breadth as Professional Development:

Educational breadth in the business world is very important as it is necessary to learn about how business is conducted by different companies and different cultures. My trip to China has helped greatly in this aspect. It has given me the opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture and their business practices, along with the day to day proceedings of many diverse companies.

Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education as Professional Development:

Continuing to learn about business practices and cultures is very important to be successful in the business world. Along with my trip and education in China, I plan to continue my education in professional development by traveling to other countries to learn about their business practices and apply what I have learned in China to help me broaden my knowledge.

The Social Environment of Professional Life:

During my time in China, I learned that it is very important to integrate a social knowledge into the business world. For example, Cheetah Mobile made their office an extremely social space to facilitate productivity. Also, with the social culture in China leaning heavily on smartphones, it is important for all businesses to be aware of this social culture and take advantage of it to form a successful business model.

Functioning on Multi-Disciplinary Teams:

As we saw in China, all of the businesses and companies that we visited include a wide variety of employees from many different fields. Clearly it is necessary to be able to function in an environment with professionals from many different disciplines and cooperate to develop a successful and well-functioning business.

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