Day 7: Terra Cotta Warriors

     Our last day in Xi’an was arguably one of the coolest days of the trip for me because we got to see the world famous terra cotta warriors. Not only that, but Cindy taught us the lengthy history behind the terra cotta warriors and the workers associated with the creation of these life sized warriors. For me, there are a few aspects of the warriors that captivated my interest. First, the fact that they have been so well preserved for two thousand years’ despite being broken by the emperor’s enemies is beyond me. Next, the Emperor put 75% of governmental funds into building these warriors, which unfortunately wouldn’t surprise me if the United States saw some sort of similar situation with our current president; however, the most fascinating part of the terra cotta warriors is simply the sheer quantity made and the size of each. I can’t begin to imagine how long and strenuous the creation of these warriors must have been. Personally, I found the story behind the burying of the workers to be more than unsettling, but I also recognize the difference in time and beliefs within this culture. After touring the 8th wonder of the world, as deemed by Cindy, we went to go bike on the Xi’an city wall. Before we could ride even a mile, I crashed my bike into the wall and Kevin, causing the bike to break. Determined to finish my ride around the wall, I went back and got a new bike, riding in the opposite direction this time. A rough estimate puts my 8-mile bike ride at about 30 minutes, so for the rest of the trip I would like to be called Lance Armstrong. To cap off the day, Dr. Li was kind enough to provide dinner for the group, so I would to take the time in this blog to thank Dr. Li. Additionally, I feel the need to thank Joe from Beijing and Cindy from Xi’an for being great tour guides.

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