Day 7 – Munich

It is so weird and sad to think that this trip is halfway done. It has been flying by. Today, we took a train ride into Munich, the third largest city in all of Germany, behind Berlin and Frankfurt. Munich was a cool city. First, we took a two-hour guided tour of Munich, and then we had free time for five hours. During my free time, I first climbed the tower of Saint Peters church, which was about 300 steps. The view was gorgeous. From the tower, I could see all of Munich (including Munich’s town hall, which is famous for its huge glockenspiel), Olympia park (the place where the Olympics were held in 1972), BMW headquarters, the new soccer arena that was just built, and even the alps. After climbing the tower, we made our way to the market, where we bought bread and cheese for lunch. After that, we got gelato, walked around, and did some souvenir shopping.

Some cool things about Munich: It is home of the original Hofbrauhaus. We have a Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh that serves authentic Bavarian food and last semester I ate there with my friend, Eileen, but it was cool to see the first ever Hofbauhaus. We saw the victory gate, the place where Hitler was shot and arrested. Compared to Augsburg, I saw more homeless people, although compared to cities in the U.S. there is not a huge homeless population. Germany’s unemployment rate is around 3%.

We met up with the group at six o’clock to go to dinner. I swear we walked at least two miles to go to dinner but we finally got there. We ate burgers for dinner. Once we were all almost done we realized that we had about ten minutes before our train was leaving to go back to Augsburg, so we ran back to the train station. We barely made it but we did and we were back in Augsburg at around 9:00pm.

View of Munich Town Hall from St. Peters Church Tower 

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