A Golden Day

Today was the company visit we all have been waiting for- BMW. As we first arrived at the headquarters, I was taken back by how cool the outsides of the buildings were; the one is modeled after a four-cylinder engine. I was even more impressed when we went inside and saw all the cars and motorcycles. I am not that big into cars, but I have always liked BMWs.

After wandering around the show room, we then got to see the production of the cars. It was very interesting to see what all goes into each car, including seeing all the robots working. My favorite part was seeing the robots spray paint on the cars. The tour guide described how it was very difficult for them to do this because they need to apply the right pressure and move in very specific motions. I will never understand how they program the robots (business student not engineering), but it was cool to see it in action.

We were supposed to go to the BMW Museum after the factory tour, but it was closed. We ended up walking around where the Olympics were held in 1972. I thought this was more exciting, since we already saw a lot of cars that day. We went up the Olympic Tower and saw beautiful views of Munich. The architecture of the city is so unique and I really got to appreciate it by looking at it from the tops of buildings. Afterward, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by walking around a lake to get a better view of everything. For how the weather was supposed to be for our two weeks, it sure was beautiful out. I really enjoyed today.

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