Munchen Around the City

When we first got our itinerary for Germany, I was the most excited to go to Munich. My brother visited the city when he went to Europe, and he said it was amazing. So in the morning I was up early ready to get on the train to Munich. We were on our way to the center of the city to meet our tour guide when we noticed lots of people were wearing blue scarves and were in the traditional outfits of Bavaria. In the city, there was a festival celebrating religious families that we got to observe. Once we met up with our tour guide, we went all around the city. We learned about the history of different locations like where Hitler gave his famous speech to the famous Hofbrauhaus. The tour did not seem very long, but when we stopped at a 3-D model of the city we saw how much we actually walked. Personally, I did not like how big and crowded the city was; I preferred the quaint Augsburg. However, that is how I feel in America too; New York City is too large for me. I was glad we got to see another larger city in Germany though.

After our tour, we had some free time to explore the city ourselves. A group of us decided to climb to the top of St. Peter’s church, where we got to see the most beautiful view of the city. The 302 stairs were also great practice for all the stairs we have to climb in Ulm. After the climb, we went and got food from the market place. They had so many options all surrounding a beer garden, but we all got bratwurst from a little stand. They were absolutely delicious, but we had to stand while eating since it was so crowded. Once we finished our food, we then went shopping for souvenirs and then at the high-end stores. We clearly could not afford anything in some of the stores, but it was fun to look around. I even got a rose from a doorman just for looking in the store. So far all Germans have been so nice and helpful, which is not common to find in American cities.

When our free time was over we all met up again for dinner. We were having American food (hamburgers and fries). They tasted decent, but I enjoy eating German food more since I can’t get it in America.

I love everything about Germany; I love experiencing the culture and seeing all the history. Today was a fun and wonderful day, and even though tomorrow will have a different mood I am still excited.


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