BMW Tour (May 15, 2017)

Today was an exciting day.  We traveled back to Munich to go on a factory tour of BMW.  When we got there, we got to look around the showroom which had all of their newest cars, motorcycles, and even hoverbikes (not functional of course).  After taking pictures in some of the cars, we got to see the factory where they produced the cars.  They press some of the metal pieces there with machines similar to what we saw at Hirschvogel.  They then use a lot of KUKA robots to spot weld the frame together.  Then the frames go to the paint room where they used even more robots to paint the cars.  Painting is a lot more complicated than I expected with many different coats and layers.  Then, they assembled the drive train, tested out the car, and shipped it off to the customer.  Unfortunately, the BMW museum was closed so instead we got to go to the top of the Olympiaturm.  It is a 291 meters tall tower and part of the Olympic Park that was used in the 1972 summer games.  There was a random mini rock and roll museum at the top.  We also got to walk around the park, meet some friendly waterfowl, and hike to the top of a hill.  It was a successful day.  I got to see some KUKA robots in action, sit in some sweet cars, and even get a little exercise.


-An all electric BMW


-The view from the Olympiaturm


-My new friends

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