Garden Goodbyes

On our last day we were able to do whatever we wanted, so we went to Munich again. We did not get to go to the English Gardens the first time we went and everyone told us it was a must see, so we went today. Thankfully we had Mattias to act as a tour guide for us and show us around or we would have been so lost. We skipped rocks in the river (or attempted to in my case), saw surfers, and ate lunch in the center of the garden. While eating, we got caught in the rain and had to find cover for a few hours. Once it cleared up, we walked around the city, taking in everything. We then got back from Munich and got doner from the little shops near our hotel.

We spent our last day enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing on all the fun we had over the last two weeks. While we may not have done much, we still had a great time. I was not that impressed by the English Gardens; I think they were hyped up too much. I did enjoy them, but they were like any other park in my opinion. I really am going to miss Germany; I had two weeks full of new adventures and fun.


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