Day 4: The sun does shine in Augsburg

I was happy to wake up to the sun shining, as it was the end of rainy days for the remainder of our trip.

Our day began at Hirschvogel, our second company visit. A producer of several automobile parts, the company and its factory was the loudest, with the largest machines. Car parts were being cranked out by the second, all in a flow of repeated movements. 

We then drove further south to a little town right by the Alps, and it happened. We got gelato. And it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. But honestly, it was just high quality ice cream, but I am an avid ice cream fan, so it was great. After a little souvenir shopping and town exploration, we took a cable car up the mountain Oberammergau. The view was incredible, and we got some great picture of the Alps.

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