Day 5: Sausage and Robots

My morning found me driving through what looked like a windows background screen: rolling green hills with yellow fields and blue sky dotted by white clouds. If that’s not a sufficient enough description, just look at the picture.IMG_1200

We were at this picturesque town to try a traditional Bavarian breakfast. It is only served on Thursdays, so the picnic tables were packed with hungry Germans, all ready for some nice Weiswers and pretzels. We had to be instructed on how to eat it because you can’t eat the skin of the sausage. I’m not sure what happens if you do. We then got to see how what we had just consumed was made. I wish I hadn’t, but at least the mustard was pretty tasty.IMG_1199

Kuka was next, otherwise known as robots building robots. The company presentation was impressive, but on our tour, we did not get to see many robots in action. Albeit, it was still a very interesting and forward-thinking company.IMG_1202

We wanted to stop by a restaurant for the university for dinner, but we encountered quite some obstacles. There was a race running through the city, so the tram took a spontaneous turn, and we ended up in a foreign country. Wait, I can’t use that as a joke here. I guess you can say that we had the authentic experience of being lost abroad with no maps, no wifi, and no clue as to where we were. We ended up following the tram tracks and being an hour late to dinner, but it was quite a memorable experience. And the dinner was well worth the effort.

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