Day 13 – Time to Say Goodbye

Today’s the day we leave China for home. I woke up and packed the remainder of my things and weighed my suitcase to make sure it wasn’t overweight. Luckily my bag was at a safe 43 pounds so I came downstairs for breakfast. I had a fabulous final breakfast consisting of a croissant, french toast with syrup, and some melon. Then we put our luggage on the bus and we had a thirty minute bus ride to the airport. We had a series of security when we arrived. The first was just to enter the airport. Then we got our boarding passes and our bags were scanned right there, which was new. Unfortunately, they would not let Candice, whose flight was at 8 pm, board so we had to give our goodbyes early. We then made our way to security, which went by fairly quick. Also, we had to go through a passport check or customs, still not entirely sure what it was. Then we finally made it through all of the checks and made our way to the gate. Along the way, I shopped in some of the overpriced souvenir shops for some last minute gift shopping. I purchased some small toys, like a stuffed panda and some chopsticks. Then I realized I would need lunch so I walked to the food court. I really wanted American food so I picked Burger King and got chicken fries and french fries. I also remembered how I hated the food on the flight here so I went to one of the convenient stores and picked up some chocolate ice cream and M&Ms. I finished selecting my snacks so I went to my gate, which ended up switching 3 times before we finally boarded. Shortly enough, I settled in and prepared for my 14 hour flight. Overall, the flight wasn’t too bad and it went by somewhat quickly as I was excited to see my family.

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