Day 12 – BeaYUtiful Garden

I cannot believe it’s our last full day in China. It flew by so quickly. Today is our visit to the Yu Garden and also time for our final presentations. When we arrived, we walked around some of the local streets. The architecture was beautiful both in the streets and gardens. We waited in line to enter the garden and when we entered, it was amazing. The garden almost reminded me of the garden in the Forbidden City. I loved the decor on the buildings. We learned from our tour guide that the dragon is different in Shanghai than Beijing, having 3 claws instead of 5 respectively. Our tour guide told us some more interesting facts as we enjoyed the peaceful and majestic garden. After exiting the garden, we had some time to shop. I bought some bracelets for my friends and six straw hats for myself and my family. We then gathered, went onto the bus, and went back to the hotel. My group and I practiced our presentations before the actual thing. Then everyone gathered to walk over to a hotel down the street for the conference room. We all presented our business plans to our peers, teachers, and the Asia Institute. After that was completed, we walked over to our final dinner. We had the honor of the CEO of the Asia Institute to join us for dinner. We had what I believe to be our best meal yet. We took a 20 minute walk back to our hotel. A few of us decided to walk around the city our last night. Then we came back and backed all of our things. Finally, we went to sleep.

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