Cheetah Mobile & Microsoft

Today started with a visit to Cheetah Mobile. Cheetah Mobile is a very popular company in China which develops utility, gaming, and content apps. The office is located in a part of Beijing referred to as the “silicon valley” of China. This turned out to be incredibly accurate. The facility reminded me of Google, being that they had a gym, showers, ping pong tables, a small market, a gift shop, and almost anything else you can imagine. They even pay babysitters to watch your children if you bring them in to work. It is an incredible company that seems really fun to work for.

Next, we visited Microsoft. This tour was a little different, being that this building was meant to showcase products and projects of Microsoft, rather than the actual work environment. Nonetheless, I learned about several products that Microsoft has that I did not know about previously. They just released a product called HoloLense which is worn by a user, and can project images into 3D space, making it appear as though they are actually there. This can be incredibly useful for engineers and other professionals when designing different things.

After leaving Microsoft, I decided to visit QingHua University with a few other students. This university is famous for engineering in China, and is sometimes referred to as an MIT equivalent. The campus was huge and really beautiful. They had ponds, streams, fields, and many different gates which are famous and attract many tourists. Although we did not get to see any classrooms, it was interesting to see how this university different from Pitt.

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