Day 10 – Neuschwanstein

Tuesday May 16th, 2017


This morning we took a bus ride to Neuschwanstein, a castle built in the nineteenth century by King Ludwig II. The castle is very detailed and extravagantly built. The king who built it also built a couple of other castles throughout Germany, however this particular castle was not finished being built when the king was murdered. We took a tour inside the castle and saw how intricately the interior was designed. After the tour we hiked for a little while to get to a bridge where we could get a really beautiful view of the castle and surrounding mountains and water.


After seeing the castle, we went into the town of Fuessen where we had time to walk around for a while before having lunch. The town was very small and easy to walk around and look in the little shops. For lunch, most of us had some type of pork meal, which was actually very good.


On our way home from the castle and Fuessen, we stopped to at a famous donut place, however it was closed. There was a beautiful church by the donut shop, though, so we went inside and looked around for a while.


Finally, we headed back to Augsburg for one last night before our presentations tomorrow!



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