Day 11 – Presentations

Wednesday May 17th, 2017


We did not do much, today, besides our final presentations at 5pm. My team met earlier in order to get our final notes and slides together, and practice a couple more times. We finished everything we had to do pretty early, so we all got gelato and pizza at the university and then went to a little pond and enjoyed the sunny weather until presentations began.


Dr. Feick had every group choose a slip of paper to determine what order our groups would present in. My group, Faurecia, presented third out of five. All of the teams did a great job at presenting their companies, and I was surprised by how many questions students were asking their peers. I think groups were getting more and more questions as the presentations went on.


I was very relieved when my presentation was over, as I was looking forward to finishing it the entire time. Now I am excited to relax and enjoy my last few days in Germany. Tomorrow we will be heading to Ulm, for our last program excursion.



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