Day 12 – Ulm

Thursday May 18th, 2017


Today was our last excursion as a group. We took the train into Ulm, and immediately went to Muenster, a huge, gothic looking tower. Inside are 768 steps that we had to climb to the top of the tower. It was exhausting and dizzying to climb all the steps, especially because they were spiraling and it was very warm out. However, the view at the top was breathtaking and we could see the entire city of Ulm. We couldn’t stay at the top for long, though, because there was very limited space and we had such a large group. Going back down also made me feel very dizzy and the little windows in the wall made me feel like I would fall out!


After climbing the tower, we took a tour of Ulm, which reminded me a lot of Venice, Italy. There were many canals, with buildings along the edges and bridges to get over the water. We walked along the River Danube for a while as well. The tour led us to the restaurant where we had lunch. Once we finished lunch, we walked around for a bit on our own before meeting back at the Muenster tower.


We took the train back to Augsburg, and had our goodbye dinner with all of the German students. It was sad to say goodbye, and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone throughout the trip! Tomorrow is our final day in Germany, and we have the entire day to ourselves to do what we please.



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