Storming the Castle (May 16, 2017)

Today was the day I was looking forward to the most in terms of sightseeing.  We got to visit Neuschwanstein Castle!  It was built in 1886 by King Ludwig II and it served as the inspiration for the castle for Sleeping Beauty.  We had a fun hike up to the castle which is located in the Alps.  It doesn’t seem like it is that high up from far away, but it is quite a view once you are there.  We had a very short tour of the castle when we got there.  Pictures were not allowed inside.  Swans were definitely the prevalent theme of the castle.  They could be seen in everything from the curtains to the carvings.  The building was a little too fancy for my taste, but there was a really cool cave room and one of the first telephones.  The castle seemed huge, but most of the rooms were unfinished since Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances before its completion.  After the tour was over, we walked over to a cool but crowded bridge that had a spectacular view of the castle with a river running beneath the bridge.  Eventually we had to leave and we spent some time in Füssen which is a small town where we ate lunch, ate some more gelato, and had some free time.  We then visited Wieskirche, which is a beautiful church in the middle of a bunch of fields.  The decorations inside were amazing, and the surrounding scenery was just as beautiful.  The farmland really reminded me of home.


-The ceiling of Wieskirche


Outside of Wieskirche

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