Day 4 – Hirschvogel and Oberammergau

Wednesday May 10, 2017


This morning we had a very early morning because we had to take a bus to Hirschvogel, which was about an hour away. When we got there, we listened to a presentation about the company and then toured their factory. The factory was much different from Faurecia, because Hirschvogel had a lot more people working at the machines and less robots.


At the end of the tour, we were given bagged lunches which we ate on our way to the mountain. First we got to walk around in the tiny village at the base of the mountain, Oberammergau. The village reminded me of a very stereotypical German village and there were many places to buy souvenirs.


After walking around the village, we took a lift to the top of the mountain, which was very close to the border of Germany and Austria. The lift reminded me of a ski lift taking us to the top. When we got to the top of the mountain, we got to look out across the Bavarian Alps, which were covered in the snow at the top. The view was breathtaking and we could see the tallest mountain in Germany from where we were! After taking many pictures and hanging out at the top of the mountain, we headed back down so we could go back to Augsburg. When we got to Augsburg, we ended the program for the day and had dinner on our own.


For dinner I went back to the Bavarian restaurant from Sunday, and then walked around the city for a bit before heading home to blog and get ready for bed!



Town of Oberammergau

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