Day 6: Carbon

We started the day at SGL Group: the Carbon Company. I wish I could tell you that I’m an expert at carbon now, but I can only tell you that a strand of carbon fiber is ten percent thinner than a strand of human hair. We got to see some Kuka robots in action, but the rest of the tour was slightly over my head.

Afterwards, we headed over to the University, where a man from BMW came and presented on autonomous cars. It was interesting to compare BMW’s initiative to Uber’s self driving cars that we frequently see in Pittsburgh; he explained that BMW planned to launch a similar type of car in 2021. My group then worked on our presentation briefly afterwards before heading back to the hotel to begin our free time.

By one of the German student’s recommendation, we ventured over to Vapiano, where we stood staring dazed for a few minutes. The process was unlike any we have seen in the States: you’re handed a card, and at each station you place an order, you scan the card. After you eat, you scan the card that has everything that you ordered and pay for it all. It was just another experience of having now clue what was going on. So I ordered the first thing on the menu and was actually pleased. But then we found the English menus after we ordered.IMG_1206b

The gelato place was opened this time, so I helped myself to the world’s smallest scoop of cookies and cream. There was a gummy bear on top and was actually quite rich, so I was okay with its minuscule size.


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