Day 7: It’s always crowded in Munich

Munich was crowded to say the least. It’s already a big and bustling city packed with every type of European, but on top of that, there was some sort of celebration that warranted wearing lots of lederhosen. So it was fitting that we started our day with a tour of the city’s major landmarks, in particular the glockenspiel. At 12, figurines in the tower began moving, and all the tourists took videos of it.IMG_1212

The tour touched on other cool sights, including a mall with hanging gardens and the famous Hofbrauhaus.

After the tour, we were quite famished and chowed down on pretzels and other assorted German foods, and gelato of course, that were in a huge marketplace. IMG_1218We then explored the city and might have also gotten lost, but we found our way to the group dinner. It was at a burger place, so not super adventurous, but it was a nice taste of comfort food. Afterwards, we had to run to the train home, but made it just in time. 

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