Day 5- Sausage, Pretzels and Robots

              Today we got to sleep in.  It was much needed because I was still feeling some jet lag from the plane ride over.  The morning was also nice because we did not have to eat the hotels breakfast.  Instead we got on a coach bus and headed to a breakfast restaurant in the Bavarian countryside.  Here we could try one of their specialty sausage breakfasts as well as eat some Bavarian pretzels.  The food was delicious.  I especially enjoyed the mustard that came with it.  The sausage was good as well.  They served it in a giant bowl for the table and all the sausages were strung together.  We had to cut our own off the string.  We were also told not to eat the skin of the sausage, so the German students that were with us taught us the proper technique to get all the meat out.  After breakfast, we got to meet the owner of the restaurant.  He showed us the kitchen and explained to us how all the sausages are made and a little bit about their role in German culture.

Our next stop was to Kuka for a tour of their company.  I was very interested heading into this tour because we had already seen some of the Kuka robots working at other companies we had visited.  It was also interesting to see how they designed the robots and made them differently to accomplish the variety of tasks that are assigned to them.  This company is especially important now because a large portion of the auto industry is now automated and Kuka supplies a lot of the robots to help aid that process.  They started the tour by taking us into a show room and explaining their history.  As a company Kuka has adapted to the industry very well and throughout their history they have changed their product lines many times to remain successful.  After learning about their history, they had a brief show that was run by robots and then we could explore the room ourselves.  This was my favorite part of the day.  It was a hands-on way to teach us more about what they did.  After this we were taken on a tour through the factory.  This was very interesting and we saw a wide variety of robots that Kuka produced.  We then ended the day with a brief presentation and a Q and A session with one of the engineers at the company.  Tomorrow we get to tour SGL.SpinelloM18SpinelloM19SpinelloM20

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