Day 10: Yangshan Port

This company visit was a bit different than previous ones.  The presenter, Mac Sullivan, was going to talk to us on the bus ride to the port, since it was a two-hour bus ride. During the bus ride, Mac explained how he was the Greater China Trade Lane Manager for Toll Global Forwarding and his job was being a freight forwarder (transportation broker). Mac has been living in China for the past 18 years and has a family here and is debating on moving back to the State or somewhere else away from the smog. After talking about himself, he went over a few jargons and explained why ocean is the most popular form of shipping (the cost and quantity you can ship, granted it will take 5 or more weeks to go from China to California).

Along the bus ride we did get to go over the world’s second longest bridge, being 22 miles. After the two-hour bus ride, we had thirty minutes to take pictures of one of the world’s largest port, might be third largest.

Mac did give us some advice for the future: dress for success, get your foot in the door regardless of first job title, be active on LinkedIn, look for trends and position yourself for the future industries, find a mentor, and start reading books about business trends and about history.

After visiting the port, a small group of us went to visit Evan’s friend Ian, who has been going to NYU Shanghai for the past year. He was studying Economics and he was explaining how he was part of the school’s team who was participating in Space X’s speed pod competition. Where if the school wins first place he will be the representative to talk to the Chinese government about implementing this in China.

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