And That’s All He Wrote (A Conclusion)

Being able to take part in such an amazing study abroad experience was something I could have only dreamed of until now. For starters, studying and traveling abroad was always one of those things that I knew I wanted to do, but was unsure of how to actually do it. So, when I found out about Plus 3, it just made sense. I had all of these travel aspirations, but had no travel experience, having never been on an airplane. My first plane ride was for this trip and all the way from Pitt to Newark. Flying is cool and not as stressful as I had anticipated. Hopefully I can find more opportunities to travel abroad and potentially even study abroad. This was a perfect first experience for me and I am grateful to have spent it with such great people.

The trip had two main components: company visits and cultural visits. The company visits were to Faurecia, Hirschvogel, KUKA, SGL, and BMW and that was where were got information to use in our industry analysis presentations. For the presentations, we were split into groups that included us and German students, and we were tasked with leading the conversations while at our specific company. On the other hand, the cultural visits included Augsburg, a Martin Luther tour, Oberammergau, a traditional sausage breakfast, Munich, Dachau, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Ulm. The cultural visits really added to the value of the trip by providing substance and background to all of the places that we visited.

Overall, Pitt Plus 3 Germany was an invaluable life experience that I would do all over again if I had the choice. My only gripe with the trip would be the content of the final presentation that we had to make. The presentation was almost all about business aspects of the company we had visited, where me, an engineer, would have liked to discuss a particular technology of the company or how a certain product works. I feel the course should include more engineering related aspects because half of the students are engineers. But other than that, the trip was amazing and I am thankful to have been part of it this year and I would like to that Dr. Feick and Brad and all of those in Augsburg for making the trip special.




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