Day Ten: Castle!

Today we visited Castle Neuschwanstein, Fuessen, and the Wieskirche. Surprisingly, construction for the castle was started in the 19th century, well after the construction for other castles similar to it. It was built to be the home for Ludwig II until he died at which point construction stopped. Nearly 70% of the castle is not finished which made for a pretty short tour. Prior to the tour starting we had to walk up to the castle, as it sits on a hill. Our walk started down by a lake that sits below the castle and its counterpart, Hohenschwangau Castle.

At the time of its construction, the castle was highly controversial as it raised taxes in Bavaria considerably for the sole purpose of building a home for the king. Now Neuschwanstein acts as a major tourist attraction and makes a lot of money for the state. My favorite part of the castle is actually further up on the hill behind it, where there is a bridge that gives a great view looking over the castle and out onto the land it oversees.

After visiting Neuschwanstein, we got back on the bus and headed to Fuessen for lunch and exploration on our own (which meant more pretzels and gelato). We then visited the Wieskirche to wrap up the day.


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