Day 1: Great Wall? More like the Great Trek Up!


On the way to the Great Wall, we stopped to get lunch and it was a buffet. They serve food on huge Lazy Susan’s and that’s pretty much how the buffet works. There was so much food and I definitely ate too much. This was not a good idea because we decided to walk to the Great Wall instead of taking a cable car up. I was SOOOO up for the idea because I wanted the full experience because I might not get the chance to come back later, ya know? But that was easily the biggest mistake I made. It’s actually 40 minutes of walking up stairs. DO NOT WALK! TAKE THE CABLE CAR!! Once we got to the top, it was so pretty and everything I expected and more. Athena and I found so many places to get great pictures and it was so nice to just to walk the Great Wall.

My favorite part of the trip to the Great Wall was the toboggan ride down!! We basically all took a slide down and it was super fun! The breeze was extremely nice and it was easily the best way to come down  because if someone told me I had to walk back down all those steps, I might have actually cried. My legs were aching.

After we left, we all got to freshen up and we went to a place called Hot Box* for dinner and it was like the Chinese version of Melting Pot and what an experience it was… for the guys that devoured all the food. The manager even came and served the food to us. She kept pulling the meat out and putting on the guys’ plates and thank god for them because there’s no way I could keep up (not that I wanted to). The guys picked out questionable meat and I did not want to make my stomach angry so I opted for some watermelon and cherry tomatoes as they downed the meat like champs. It was an experience just watching them eat all that food and keep up with the manager. They brought out wet towels to freshen up in the beginning and then half way through and honestly, it was a good idea because Eli was sweating like crazy. With that amazing dinner, I went to bed.


*I later found out that the place was actually called Hot Pot LOL

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