Day 10


Today was designated as the “relax day.” We had one item on out itinerary, and we were back by around 2ish. It was the most surprising out of all scheduled visits we had. It was to a Shipping Port, something that upon first reading made me think “Huh?”

Despite this early dismal, it was a fascinating look at the Chinese logistics industry. It helped that we could see two World Recording holding constructions: the longest bridge in the world and the largest shipping port.

It was a long bus ride from the hotel, but we were taught about logistics as a discipline, its significance, and how China is utilizing it. All the information and the grandeur of the port almost makes me want to switch majors.

I need to amend a previous statement regarding how when the Ancient Chinese want to build something big, they build it big. I need remove the “ancient” qualifier, because if this port showed me anything, it was that the modern Chinese government still builds big. One section of the port, spanning a few miles, was constructed in little as a few months. That’s efficiency, and it’s shocking when PennDot can only pave a section of road, smaller than the plot used for the addition to the port, in a similar time frame.

That is another them I have noticed on this trip. There is a spirit of constant innovation in China that can drastically improve lives in a short amount of time. The effort and hard work is impressive to say the least.

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