Goodbyes and Reflection

The thing I will miss the most about Germany is the people I have grown close to over these last two weeks. The familiarity. Waking up every morning and experiencing a completely different culture for the first time with people has a way of bringing them closer together. Even meeting the German students and becoming friends with them created long lasting relationships. I can only hope that all the people we have connected with will stay connected in some way or another. I will miss seeing all of these people every day.

I will absolutely recommend this study abroad program to anyone interested. These were easily some of the best days of my life, and anyone would be lucky to partake in something so educational and yet so fun.

The most important things I learned, although we did go over it extensively, were not about German history or about the history of the cities we were in. Instead, I learned about the differences and similarities between American and German culture from the perspective of students my age, and about how other countries in the world perceive America and its citizens.

Overall, I felt that I gained a new perspective on how I view the world, and I feel that this will aid me when I hopefully travel the world more in the future.

Waiting in the airport and saying goodbye to people group by group was hard. Thinking of all the memories we have made in such a short period of time really puts things in perspective once they are over. At least the memories will stay with us forever.

Long live Brad and Dr. Feick 🙁



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