Day 10: Ports & Every Foreigner’s Worst Nightmare!

Today was our shortest day with the most unstructured free time. This however didn’t stop me from filling up my time today with a bunch of activities!! We got to visit the second largest port in the world! At first I thought this would be extremely boring because who would want to travel for so long to look at boxes of shipment containers, but then I realized 1) all the colorful crates of shipment containers made the port look so bright and I liked that and 2) there are probably millions of things made in China that my mom ordered online and is right here! Our speaker was extremely entertaining and he was from VIRGINIA (#repping)! One interesting thing I learned is that China sometimes “ships” things out into the ocean just to have it turn around and come back to China so that the government can count that crate as imports. Why does China do that? It is so that the export to import ratio is not as crazy because China exports A LOT. After the port, I decided to do what I do best: shop! Jordan, Maddie, and I went to another market and I spent all of the remaining money I had there and that led to my worst nightmare. Like any logical person who spent all of their cash, I decided to withdraw more money from the nearby ATM. BIG MISTAKE!

I go to the ATM machine and insert my card and am facing a lot of Chinese characters. I can’t read Chinese so I hit cancel to get the card out, but nope the machine eats it and I didn’t notice. I was on the phone with my mom asking her for details about the card info so I can use it since it’s my dad’s travel card and I don’t realize that the machine ATE MY CARD. When I end the call with my mom, I realize that I don’t have the travel card and I just assume that I maybe dropped it or lost it somewhere in my crossbody. Athena and I are looking everywhere and then it hits me that maybe my card never came out of the machine. Like the idiot I am, my mind instantly thinks “well if I put another card in the slot and the machine accepts it, then that means my card isn’t inside and I actually lost it”. So what do I do? I stick the ONLY OTHER CARD I HAVE in the ATM. Does it work? OFCOURSE NOT! The card accepts this card too and literally blacks out on me. The machine makes a weird noise and shuts down and now I’m facing a dead machine in a country where I don’t speak the language with my best bud Athena who ALSO doesn’t speak Chinese. Since it is after 5 PM, the bank is closed and there’s literally nothing I could do. I stare at the machine and start panicking because that is literally all the money I have left to my name. After talking to the front desk of our hotel, they said that I have to wait till tomorrow morning to get my cards. The receptionist was very thorough and told me that I have to go after 8:30 AM with my passport to verify that the cards are mine and then I can get my cards back. And that made me learn 2 things! 1) Always travel with a friend who can spot you with money incase you don’t have any (thanks Athena!) and 2) if one card goes in the machine and doesn’t come out, DO NOT STICK ANOTHER ONE IN! Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow (with 2 cards hopefully).

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