Day 11: I think I ate chemical ice cream today!

Now, you might be wondering, did I get my cards back from the Bank of China this morning? The answer to that question is yes and no. So long story short, I had 2 cards. One was my personal debit card with my name on it and the other card was my dad’s travel card so it has name on it. Since the bank couldn’t verify that his travel card was in my possession EVEN THOUGH 1) I am 99.9% sure that no one else with the name Kayamboo is walking around China and 2) I showed them on my passport that my father’s name is the name on the card and 3) I showed another other form of identification to prove that I clearly had that card. So, I didn’t get back the travel card, but I got my card back so thank the lords above! After all that in the morning, we went on 2 company visits. TE Connectivity was not my heaven since it had a lot to with manufacturing copper things, but I think the engineering kids really liked it!! Dupont on the other hand was super cool! I have always heard of companies that specialized in one general field. For example, Apple is known for their electronics that can be used by the general public and Dove is known for their skin care products, but PLOT TWIST! Dupont has so many products! From fire repellant suits to 6 month shelf life yogurt, Dupont really does it all! They had a room with a lot of products they are currently working on and it covers so many markets! Like fashion (jeans) to food (ice cream) to beauty (makeup brushes) and more! I liked seeing this type of company because with a company that is so diverse in its produts, I can only imagine the backgrounds of all of its employees. This is super cool because Athena’s mom actually works for Dupont back home, so I hope I get to learn more about the company even when we get back.

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