Day 12

Yesterday was sad enough that it was our last day of company visits, but today was even sadder, being our last day in China. I did not let this get in my way of making the most of it. It was a more laid back day than previous, with us finding ourselves in a garden.

This was not a regular garden you would find in a suburban backyard. The Yu Garden, designed almost 500 hundred years ago, features some of the most beautiful designed structures I have seen. It mixes residential buildings and natural elements so effortlessly as to make you think this place was always here, and grew up concurrently. It boasted a wide range of trees, beautiful rock gardens, and streams cutting through the various sections. It was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. It made me a believer in Feng Shui; everything about the aesthetics and ambience was perfect.

This calm was needed as afterwards we were to give our final presentations in front of the entire group. Coming up with a new business was nerve-wracking enough, but then to present in front of everyone only compounded it. Luckily, I felt at peace going in and getting up there. Everything went off without a hitch; everyone was prepared, nothing malfunctioned while we were presenting, and I felt we delivered a successful business pitch.

All the hard work was rewarded with possibly the best dinner on the entire trip. It was a mix of Chinese and Middle Eastern influences. It was bittersweet, seeing the group together in its entirety for its last night. I will miss China and this experience.

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