Day 13: Exploring More of Munich

Today marked our much awaited free day, and we embarked on a visit to Munich with a lot of enthusiasm and not much information. Thank goodness Matthias decided to tag along today, otherwise we definitely would have gotten lost (again).

Matthias (our impromptu tour guide) took on a scenic walk through Munich and the English Gardens. We stopped to feed ducks and skip rocks, and I was rather shocked to see some naked sunbathers on the other side of the river (not included in the above picture, thankfully). We also found an area where people surf on the river!

We walked into the English Garden’s Asian section for lunch (which was, once again, delicious), but after an hour or so it began to drizzle. We huddled under a tree at first, and then suddenly it started absolutely pouring! We ran for cover, and spent the next half hour waiting out the storm with the rest of the park goers under the gazebo. Even though I was soaked – and my ice cream had been abandoned to the rain – it was honestly really fun.

Once the rain cleared up, we headed back into central Munich to explore some of their restaurants. I really appreciate that Matthias wanted to show us some of the “other sides” of Munich, and I felt like I really immersed myself in the city today, as opposed to merely being a tourist.

Today was a perfect end to a perfect trip. I’m so glad I don’t have to go back home yet, as my backpacking trip starts tomorrow. Still, I’m really going to miss Bavaria and all the friends I’ve made here.

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