Day 14: Just the Beginning

Today was my last day in Germany, and I hit the ground running.


Because I nearly missed my train.

While most of the other students are returning to the United States, my friend Katie and I are embarking on our backpacking trip across Europe. Our first step was a train from Augsburg to Munich, and let’s just say it wasn’t our most graceful departure. But even though the trip has started off a bit rocky, I’m confident it will be an incredible experience.

I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given as part of this study abroad trip. I got to learn about an industry that I otherwise never would have studied, and I feel I have a much better understanding not only of this particular sector, but of the business world in general. As an engineer with an interest in biotech companies, understanding the world of business is crucial to my future success, so I’m glad I was able to begin my studies of business here in Augsburg.

Beyond the company tours and cultural visits, what really made this trip special was the people I went on it with. My classmates, both American and German, were so much fun to work with, and they made excellent companions while getting lost in cities and climbing mountain tops. I’m looking forward to keeping up with my new friends, and I’m already excited for our reunion dinner at Dr. Feick’s house this fall!

It seems incredible that just two weeks ago, I had never left the United States before. I feel I’ve seen so much now, and I know I’m about to see even more.

So as my train pulls out of Munich, I only have one thing to say to my home for the past two weeks: Auf Wiedersehen!

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