Day 7: I am a Warrior too!

Terracotta Warriors and Biking on the City Wall!

This morning sucked because I’m a klutz and I hurt my ankle last night which made walking today no bueno. I woke up and thought my ankle was fine, but then I got up from the bed and it hurt SOOOO bad. It’s okay, I’m a trooper and decided to take Advil (thanks to Hayley & Maddie for being my drug suppliers haha) and suffer through it all. We got to visit the Terracotta Warriors and honestly, just visit one Pit Site. All of them look exactly the same, BUT IT IS SO COOL! I have no idea how people are able to brush off the dirt and uncover these statues of warriors when the dirt covering it seems to be the exact same material and composition? I have a lot of questions about this – how long did it take to make these warriors? How has it been preserved for this long? WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE THEIR MOTHERS HERE FOR MOTHER’S DAY? It was super crowded when we went there today because people were bringing their mothers here for Mother’s Day, but my mom would hate visiting a historical site for Mother’s Day. I guess that is one more cultural difference between back home and China.

After this, we went biking on the city wall. I haven’t biked since middle school maybe? I never had to, but I thought it’s something you don’t forget and was super nonchalant about it till I had to get on the bike and start biking. As Athena put it, I wasn’t very graceful getting on the bike and she instantly knew I was out of touch. I however got on that bike and slayed 8 miles on the Great Wall leading to the end of another day in China. I still look at Athena sometimes and realize WE ARE IN CHINA! Who would have ever thought that we would have made it half way across the globe on a study abroad trip TO CHINA?! As we hit the halfway mark, I can’t believe that this is happening and we have now been in China for 7 days! Time is flying by!!

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