Day 8: Baby, you a song. You make me wanna roll my windows down and CRUISE!

Traveling on these high speed trains will never get boring. I think it has to do with the thrill of navigating through all the locals trying to get on the train and all the space we get on the train. I can easily fit my laptop on the pull out table in front of us and this time, I got some more work done and jammed to my music. This ride was a little over 6 hours long (I think) and it quickly passed and we reached our final destination in China! Shanghai is easily my favorite city that we visited on this trip. The way the French influenced neighborhoods melt with the high rises resembling NYC is incredible. I stepped into the hotel and knew it was going to be my favorite because it looked SOO GRAND! The marble floors and stairs were so pretty. We only had 30 minutes to change before we went to the History Museum. After the museum, we went on a beautiful cruise and got to see the city building and the way the buildings are glowing at night with different color lights shining on them. With the purple and blue hues and chilly breeze, I felt like I was in Dubai going on a dinner cruise. This was the perfect way to start off Shanghai and I am really excited to see what this city has in store for us.

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