Day 9: Donghua University

Another day in China means another day of learning and today was no different. After grabbing breakfast, we went to Donghua University. We had the opportunity to learn more about Big Data and were paired up with students at the University! This was my favorite part because I have always wondered what studying in a different country is like. After talking to the student I realized that there are more similarities than differences. We had lunch at their university and the food was really good! They also gave us red strings and tried to teach us how to make the Chinese knot, but that did not go down well for me. I have no skills in that department and I will be the first to admit it. After the visit, we went back to the hotel and that was it for today! It was a pretty easy day and I decided to nap. I woke up again around 9:30 PM and Hayley, Candice, and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner! I love how Pizza Hut is China’s version of P.F.Changs. I don’t mean this in just an American food vs. Chinese food way. The atmospheres of both are really similar. That’s because Pizza Hut in China is not a simple sit down pizza place. This is the kind of place people go to for dates. The dim lights and seating in booths reminds me of P.F.Changs from back home. That however did not stop me from devouring my personal pan and every bite was worth it! The pizza was definitely needed and I’m ready to crash. Good night world!

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