Day Eight: Dachau

Sunday, May 14th

You learn in school about the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. You are told what happened, when it happened, who it happened to, and how it ended. When I learned about these things in school, I felt as though I understood what went on, and I still think I did to the best of my ability. However, now after being in a concentration camp (not an extermination camp), what I understand is this: I won’t ever be able to fully understand the things that happened within those walls.

During our tour, that started at the gates to the camp (featured image), we were shown how the camp was set up, and told what things happened.

The experience was sobering and upsetting. The experience was eye opening to the differences in the world that existed then and the world that exists now because of what happened. We were given a tour o the housing quarters, and the VIP area as well as things like a gas chamber and crematorium. Obviously the tour had a very different atmosphere than any that we had previously been on. The tour started at the gate and weaved through what still stood of the camp and ended deep within the camp outside of the crematorium. From there we were given time to walk the grounds and make our own way back before heading back to Augsburg.

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