Day Seven: München

Saturday, May 13th

Today was our visit to the city of Munich. We road the train into Munich, which gave me great practice for my travels on our free day at the end of the trip, but more on that later! I made the mistake of sitting out of line of sight of the rest of the group on the train and was paranoid the entire time that I would miss the stop, but alas I did not! Our first stop in the city was the city hall, pictured below, that provided the meeting point for our tour of the city and before dinner after our free time.


We got to watch a display, showing the fight between the Bavarians and the French over Munich played out on the main tower of the city hall. We then went on a tour of Munich where we saw a true beer garden and explored areas of the city showing the marriage between the history and the present needs of modern society.

After our tour of the city, we were given free time to explore, eat lunch, and shop. We made the mistake of not keeping track of where we were going and managed to get royally lost and walk a full circle around the outskirts of the city. Ironically enough, we were saved when we spotted a McDonald’s that we had passed at the very beginning  of the day. We managed to get back to the City hall just before our free time was up. Lesson learned: do not wander aimlessly through a foreign city when on a time constraint. We ate dinner at a burger place in Munich and then ended the day by running to catch our train back to Augsburg! Lesson learned: when Brad tells you to walk faster, you should walk faster.

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