Day Five: Culture and KUKA

Thursday, May 11th

Today started very well. We got to sleep in longer than usual and instead of eating breakfast at the hotel, we were treated to Bavarian culture. We got on a bus, and because of our extra hour of sleep I did not sleep the entire way, and traveled to a town called Baindlkirch. The reason that this town is special is because every Thursday morning a restaraunt opens its doors to thousands of people (not all at once) and provides a Bavarian specialty: Weisswurst (and pretzels!!).


When ordering Weisswurst, you order as a table and each person customarily gets two or three. The white sausages are delivered in a pot of extremely hot water and are served with pretzels and mustard. I found the sausages to be delicious, however, they were rich and I now understand why they only do this once a week! After we ate, we got to see the kitchen where the owner and his brother were making the sausages. The restaurant had started many years earlier as a hobby for the owner, a butcher, and grew into the dining hall that it now is.

After our breakfast, we traveled back to Augsburg and were given free time… so naturally I went to a bakery and ate pretzels. After our free time we went on our third site visit: KUKA.

IMG_6590KUKA is a German company that was recently acquired by a Japanese company. KUKA currently produces robots for use in production lines all around the world and are working on integrating robots into our every day lives. They are developing a robot that is designed to work with humans in such a way that is so safe that it does not need to be contained in a cell while it is working. KUKA was another great example of how robots and humans are working together to produce the best possible product for consumers… even when that means robots are building themselves!

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