Day Four: Hirschvogel and Oberammergau

Wednesday, May 10th

The two main events for today were our company visit to Hirschvogel and our cultural excursion to the top of Oberammergau. Hirschvogel is a forging company that provides precision parts for use in the Automotive industry. We were told during our site visit that almost every vehicle on the road today has some sort of Hirschvogel product in it. Hirschvogel provided another great look at the use of robots and machines instead of humans for productions of parts. They use robots where they can, because they provide faster and more accurate work, however they also still rely heavily on human workers to operate a large number of their presses. The factory tour was really cool because it provided many different opportunities where we got to see a product take shape in a matter of a couple seconds, one press, and a loud bang. Not much beats watching red hot metal get shaped like putty.

After our visit to Hirschvogel, we got back on the bus and headed to Oberammergau. We got to explore a small town (I ate a log of gelato and almost bought a sword) and then take a lift ride to the top of the mountain. It was a nice pairing with our mornings visit; we saw both unnatural and natural forging.

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