Day Nine: BMW World and a Change of Plans

Monday, May 15th

Today we took a tour of BMW World and a tour of BMW’s production facility in Munich. BMW World is a beautiful building within which is a showcase of the incredible things that BMW has built and is developing today. Inside their are separate sections for BMW’s electric models, performance models, motorcycle line, Rolls-Royce, and Mini Cooper. Shown below is the current model of the BMW i8, the flagship vehicle of BMW’s greener energy initiative.IMG_6658

We were given a tour of the 3.5 km long production facility that BMW has in Munich. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures within the facility, but imagine a winding production line surrounded by robots and workers putting together cars of the future. Now whatever you are imagining, make it three times cooler and you’ll probably have a pretty decent idea of what we saw. We watched the initial stamping of the body parts, then saw them get attached to the vehicles, and then saw the vehicles get painted, and the car bodies stored, and then watched the insertion of the seats and the engine.

After our tour we were given time to wander BMW World, before setting off for the BMW Museum that ended up being closed. So instead of doing that we took a detour and visited Olympiapark where we went to the top of a space needle and explored the park.


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