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Whether you work in the United States, China, or anywhere in between it is important to be aware of how you carry yourself professionally. This includes being aware of the ethical issues in your profession and how it may influence your work. Specifically, in the field of engineering one must be especially responsible for their actions as, according to many of the different ethical codes for engineers, an engineer is always to blame should one of their products or designs be flawed or dangerous. For example, due to this ethical stance in the industry, I fully understand that I must be thorough in all my work in my future career as an engineer.

When entering the professional world, it’s also helpful to have a strong understanding of many different aspects of your profession outside of your specific job. If you’re able to understand how your personal role is linked to the roles of others and an overall project, then it helps you better understand what is required of you. This leads to a more comprehensive understanding of your profession which can lead to a higher quality of work and more success in the future.

One must also understand that your learning should never stop upon finishing school. No one knows everything about their profession, so there is always reasoning to continue gaining knowledge from your coworkers, superiors, subordinates, and past experiences. Every opportunity should be taken to learn in your career as a continuously broadening understanding of your professional field is necessary to climb positional ladders.

Success in the workplace also requires an understanding of one’s social environment at work. One must know how to effectively communicate with others no matter what position they hold. Effective communication is determined by both what is communicated, and how it is communicated. It is necessary that proper etiquette and professionality are present in every message or conversation and that you communicate everything that someone needs to know without excessive or missed details.

In the workplace, especially in the field of engineering, one must be able to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams to complete projects. This tests both patience and communication skills as one must deal with team members who may not have the same background of knowledge. As a result, communication skills are tested as it is necessary to be able to explain your work to your team in a way they can understand without going into too much detail about the technical aspects of your work. No matter the professional field, teamwork will always be necessary, making it one of the most important life skills.

Success in the professional world is multidimensional. It requires a commitment to constant self-improvement in both personal work and interpersonal skills. I will strive to excel in each of the fields I previously mentioned in my future career as an engineer.

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