Day Twelve: Ulm

Thursday, May 18th

Today gave me another chance to practice my German train station skills before being on my own tomorrow for my trip to Stuttgart. This time I made sure to sit so that I could tell when everyone got off so as not to be paranoid about accidentally exploring Germany. We had been told that we would be climbing up the Muenster (768 steps). I thought that it would be no problem, but I was definitely wrong. Regardless the trip up to the top was worth it (see view below)!IMG_6738

After climbing the Muenster we got to take a tour of the inside which was just as beautiful on the outside. There was stained glass windows on the inside that were done relatively recently. One recognized Einstein and his contemporaries and another paid tribute to the atrocities of the Holocaust. Ulm was the best example, in my opinion, of how the past is being preserved while also allowing for the future to take its place in the town. This can be seen in the image above where modern buildings are scattered throughout the more traditional architecture. Our tour ended at our lunch destination for the day where I ate what you see below. It was called the super pancake. For scale: the ball in the middle is a stuffed tomato…


After lunch, we got to explore the city a little on our own (insert pretzels and gelato here). We then reconvened at the base of the Muenster and headed back to the train station to return to Augsburg as a group for the last time. We had a little bit more freetime and then met in the basement of the town hall and ate our last dinner as a group at the Ratskeller.

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