Erste halt: Augsburg

After what felt like a year of traveling, our plane finally touched down in Munich. I actually had a very interesting plane ride because I was sitting next to a former U.S. diplomat. He told me so stories about the many countries that he has lived in. His final destination wasn’t actually Munich, he was flying to Uzbekistan to restructure the country’s education program. This was very cool to talk to such an interesting man.

Our time in Germany started with a bus ride to our hotel. The scenery when we were driving reminded me a lot of central Pennsylvania with all the farm land and older houses. I was very exhausted and fell asleep on this ride and I woke up when we arrived at the B&B hotel. After a brief relaxing period, we all met Sonja and Anna for the first time. They brought a much needed lunch and this is where I tried my first authentic German pretzel. We then took a tram down to the enter of Augsburg where Dr. Feick showed us around the city. It was kind of chilly and cloudy the entire time which made us all think the weather would be terrible the entire trip. We went inside the town hall which was really cool because there was a room that looked like it was made of gold. We also went to the Augsburg cathedral. This cathedral had the coolest stain glass windows and the ceilings were unbelievably high. Our last stop was die fuggerei which is a housing community created by the wealthy Jakob Fugger. It costed essentially one Euro a year to live there. What I found interesting is that people actually still live there today. For dinner we went to an authentic Bavarian restaurant. We intended to order still water with our meal but our server didn’t understand English very well so we ended up getting carbonated water. Our meal was picked for us but I thought everything we had was very good. We had turkey with spaetzle but at the table I was at, we were having a debate on what the meat was. I thought it was chicken but someone else thought it was pork. As it turns out, we were both wrong. After dinner, we took a tram back to the hotel and I immediately passed out in my bed. Overall, the first day was very interesting and I was really looking forward to the trip ahead.

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