Nachste halt: University of Augsburg

First off, I would like to apologize for the spelling in my title. I know the “a” in nachste needs an umlaut, but I’m not sure how to do that on this computer.

Monday also started off with quite a bit of rain. This made me question whether I brought the correct clothes for the following two weeks. After our first hotel breakfast of the trip, we took a tram to the university to officially meet all of the other German students and work on our first presentation with them.

I was assigned to the SGL group consisting of the members Nikki, Kate, Matthew Galaydick, Johannes, Kiki, Matthias, and myself. We had to come up with a power point giving a brief introduction to our company and we only had an hour and a half to do so. It was very difficult to meet with people we’ve never met before and come up with a presentation that quickly. Thankfully, I was assigned to work with by far the best group of students and we created what I thought was a very good presentation. I was concerned that it would be difficult for us to mesh as a group in such a short period of time, but I was wrong. I also felt that all the other groups presentations were very strong.

After all the presentations, we had lunch at the Mense which is the German version of Pitt’s Market. I had a fantastic meal and it didn’t feel like I was eating in a dining hall at all. I chose to eat schnitzel and potatoes which were spectacular. I also had a berry juice that Dr. Feick said they make fresh everyday which is something that would never be made at Market. I really cannot stress enough how much I wish they had that food at Pitt.

We then split up from the German students and we embarked on a scavenger hunt throughout Augsburg in the pouring rain. I was a part of the group called “Krishna & Co.”. We tried whatever we could to keep the answer sheet from getting wet, but nothing worked. I found out that the worst scavenger hunt weather is consistent rain. We stopped at the town hall and cathedral once again. At a stop at a fountain, we had to take a creative picture. Thankfully, we had Brad who let us take a picture of us bowing down to him. We also stopped at St. Ulrich church which was really cool because we got to see the tomb of a dead saint. Our scavenger hunt ended at the Riegele brauhaus which is a famous beer company in Augsburg. With the brilliant leadership from our team captain, Krishna, our group took home the gold for 2017 Plus 3: Germany scavenger hunt. Prizes included a box of candy which was finished quicker than I’d like to admit.

Our day ended with dinner at Dragone, an Italian restaurant. There was a strong language barrier at this restaurant. I intended to order prosciutto pizza but our server must have not heard me correctly because I ended up getting just bruschetta. All was well because Kate gave me some of her pizza that she could not finish. Shout out to Kate for not letting me starve. We took a tram back to the hotel where we informed on the details of the next day. Despite the rain, we had a blast doing the scavenger hunt and I would say that day 2 was a success.

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