Final Reflection

As a business student, ethical issues will always plague my profession. Whether it’s optimizing production factors without recognizing the environmental effects or selling private data of clients to other companies. That is one thing I never realized was a huge issue. Although I understand that it’s a way for companies to make money, selling client data should be voluntary. Does everyone know what is being sold to the other companies? I surely didn’t. When we went to the Central University of Finance and Economics, I was taught more about cookies and how it works. Should my searches be able to generate customized advertisements for me? I personally like it, but I also realized that all of my searches are being tracked and recorded somewhere and that seems very creepy.

I think there is a dilemma between educational breadth vs. depth and how this affects professional development. Is it better for someone to have a wide range of knowledge from science to technology and math and so forth or should they pick one and specialize. Specialization allows a student to hone their skills and know everything about something, but what if their field no longer exists? As technological advancements keep occurring, the amount of knowledge one needs to have also increases. Everyone needs to learn a little bit more and know more. I think this can be seen through Dupont. Dupont doesn’t specialize in just one market. They have so many products that are a part of different markets and this is what is leading to their separation into 2 different companies.

The social environment of professional life has changed drastically from when I was younger to now (and I haven’t even been alive for that long!) When I used to think about working in an office, I always pictured someone working from 9 AM- 5 PM, sitting in a cubicle, typing behind a desktop, but that image no longer exists in most companies. Companies now prefer an open room that encourage the flow of ideas between colleagues and I like it. This makes work a more social environment. This can be seen in Cheetah Mobile. This office building literally has everything a worker would need and more- whether it’s to socialize, relax, or work! Since people spend so much time at work, I think this shift from a cubicle lifestyle to an open-one is incredible!

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