Heaven May 15

BMW Headquarters was heaven. So many beautiful cars and I could actually go inside some of them. Rolls Royce, BMW i8, the list is infinite. At some points I was a little too excited to be there. Good thing I didn’t care! This was the moment I had been waiting for since I applied to the program. Nothing was going to keep me from enjoying every moment of it.

The tour around the actual production facility was out of this world. Since BMW was my group’s company, I had to walk around with my padfolio so I could take notes on the fly. There was just so much going on I barely had enough paper to write it all down. The first thing I noticed was the robots. Easily hundreds of KUKA and ABB robots were hard at work putting cars together. The way everything was perfectly programmed was a work of art. As we continued to walk through the facility, it actually got to be pretty scary as I barely saw actual humans working. Employees became more and more prevalent as the parts being made became smaller and smaller. The engine room was almost exclusively human workers which was a nice change. Unlike the other site visits, this ended up being more of a tour than anything. Most of our information and discussions came from the BMW talk we had a few days before. Even so, seeing BMW’s being made from the ground up was an experience I will never ever forget, especially if I get a chance to own one of them one day.

We also took a trip to the 1972 Olympic Park as well since the BMW museum was closed. We saw some great views from the top of one of the towers overlooking the parts of Munich we had not seen yet. It hardly was any conciliation to the BMW museum, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Regardless of how enjoyable the whole experience was, the bus ride there and back was awful. Since there was puke around where my friends and I were sitting, so that was always on our minds. The journey was terrible, but luckily the destinations were worth it.

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