Munich Redux May 19

Second round of Munich. Without Mattias who took us around, we would have been completely lost. We saw the English Gardens and took a different spin on Munich than the last time we were there. It was nice to not have an itinerary for the day and just walk around at our own pace. It was so relaxing that we decided to skip rocks on a nudist beach. Can’t say I have done that in America. Germany definitely showed me many new things, but some things need to be unseen.

At least that was an obvious example of how different our two countries are. It is also nice seeing people who are so used to a culture just enjoying what it has to offer. And no, that was not in reference to the nudists, but to the group of surfers we saw using a water way in the English Gardens to surf some gnarly “waves.”

Somehow I got sick today, so that was not fun. I guess two weeks of abusing my body with heavy Bavarian food will do that to you. I also decided to walk through a water fountain when it was frigid outside, and that probably gave me German pneumonia. Definitely a bittersweet end to the Plus3 Germany trip. I loved every minute of it.

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