Final Summary

Ethical Issues in My Proffession: I want to pursue marketing as my profession, and it has many ethical gray areas. The first was discussed on this trip, and that was the trend of marketing as whole becoming more data oriented, using things such as big data to target consumers. This could be seen as a breach of a consumer’s privacy, and also dehumanizes said consumer, reducing them to numbers


Educational Breadth as Professional Development: This trip helped reinforce the importance of understanding other cultures. Marketing campaigns that may have worked in America may not work in other countries if used verbatim without consideration of customs and trends of the native culture. This was shown by the heavy regionalization in China of many marketing campaigns I was familiar with.


Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education as Professional Development: As put by one of the speakers regarding the constant innovation in China, “You can come here one year, feeling familiar with the place, leave, and come back a year later, and it is a totally different place.” I think this can apply to the modern world as a whole. It is important to keep learning and stay informed as to what is going on in the world.


Social Environment of Professional Life: The experience that most impacted how I view the Social Environment in Professional Life is the visit to Cheetah Mobile. It is possible to have fun at work. There are employers out there who genuinely care about their employees.


Functions of Multidiscipline Teams: It is important to have a well-rounded team. An individual can only know so much. After doing the final project, I learned the importance of a specialized team. I would not have been able to satisfy the engineering components, and if it was just an engineering student, they probably would not be able to do the business side.

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