Nachste Halt: BMW

I was very excited for Monday because BMW was the featured site visit for this trip. When friends and family would ask what I would be doing in Germany, I’d always answer “we’re going to see BMW and some of their suppliers”. BMW was the site visit I was looking forward to more than any other, and it certainly reached my expectations. After a long, unbearably hot bus ride, we arrived at the BMW headquarters in Munich. The place was so much bigger than I could’ve imagined. First, we went to BMW world where we had a little free time before we went on our tour. Free time mainly consisted of taking pictures with the cars on display. Dan, Matt Jones, and I actually wore suits just to take nice pictures with BMWs. For the tour, we walked through their entire manufacturing facilities to see step-by-step how they make a car. For many of the processes, they use robots like the ones we saw being made at Kuka. The only time we saw a lot of workers was the step where they make the engine. It was quite amazing to watch the robots move in such a precise fashion. After the tour, we got lunch at BMW world and then had more free time. We were then supposed to go to the BMW museum, but they were closed since it was a Monday.

Rather than just calling it quits and heading back to Augsburg, we went to the Olympic Tower that Munich built for the Olympics in 1972. The site from the top of that tower was amazing and quite higher up than St. Peter’s church which we climbed a few days before. When we came down, everyone took a walk through Olympic park but Dan, Matt Jones, and I didn’t do this because we’d be way too hot in our suits. Instead, we sat with the ducks as they surrounded us begging for food. When everyone got back, we took the hot, unairconditioned bus back to Augsburg where we got ready for the Neuschwanstein castle the next day. I thought that day 9 was exactly what I hoped for from BMW, I just wished we got to see the museum.

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