Nachste Halt: Faurecia

Tuesday started off with breakfast in the hotel and then we departed to Faurecia. We were able to take a tram all the way to the company which made traveling very convenient. When we got there, we were handed lab coats and glasses which really brought out my scientist side. We were brought to a room where a lady gave a presentation on Faurecia. This was helpful for me because besides the brief introduction a group gave the previous day, I had no prior knowledge on the company. Next, a man came in to talk about what they do at the plant we were visiting. He also showed us more in depth about how exhaust systems work. This was very complicated for me to understand, but it was still interesting because exhaust systems are something I have never learned about before. We then took a tour through their test centers. We even got to see a Mercedes benz being tested on. After the test centers, we walked through where they make parts for the exhaust systems. Finally, we ended our tour back in the presentation room where we started. One perk about this site visit was that they gave us packs of gummy cars. You heard that right, not gummy bears, but gummy cars. Overall, the Faurecia site visit was very interesting, even for a business major who knows very little about the technical side of an exhaust system.

We took a tram back to Konigsplatz where we had a short lunch break before our Luther tour. Lunch was on our own so a few of us went to Henry’s café right by the town hall. I ordered a savory crepe that was filled with chicken, lettuce, and tomato that was covered in balsamic dressing. It was one of the better lunches I had in Germany. Fun fact: In Germany, pancake means crepe.

After lunch, we made our way back to Konigsplatz where we took a tram to make the Luther tour. Our tour guide was a Lutheran minister and was very knowledgeable about all of the information. She took us around Augsburg to all the different Protestant churches and explained to us the significance of each one. We even stopped at one Catholic church that was much more modern than the others. Our tour ended with a religion talk from a local religious studies professor.

For dinner, a group of us went to a Bavarian restaurant that was near the Cathedral. I had pork with spaetzel and a pretzel. The food was very good just like all of the other meals. Our server was very nice and understood that we struggled with German. In fact, he really liked American football and was a huge Patriots fan. As an Eagles fan, I was disappointed that he had to be a Patriots fan, but Krishna was happy. Day 3 included our first site visit. Faurecia made me very excited for all the site visits yet to come.

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