Nachste Halt: Kuka

On Thursday, we didn’t have breakfast in the hotel. We took a bus to baindlkirch to try some authentic weiswurst and pretzels. The atmosphere of the place was what I expected a German beer garden to look like. I did enjoy the weiswurst and the pretzels were amazing. After we ate, we got to see them case the weiswurst which was kind of gross. Overall, it was a very authentic German meal and was much better than the breakfast in the hotel that we were used to.

After breakfast, we took a bus back to the hotel and then took a tram to Kuka. Kuka makes robots, so this was a trip that I was looking forward to for a while. Our site visit started off with an incredible “brand experience” room that Kuka made for visitors. We saw a lightshow and even got to play with robots. We then took a tour of Kuka’s facilities. It was very interesting to see robots being created by other robots. Humans did a lot of quality control checks, but for the most part, robots did a lot of the work. Robots are such intricate creations and I found it fascinating learning about them. After the factory tour, a presenter talked to us about what Kuka is doing. He said that Kuka is focusing on the future. He says that in the near future, Kuka will start selling robots directly to consumers rather than just to businesses who need robots. This made me feel that robots will soon take over the world.

We took a tram back to Konigsplatz where we were on our own for dinner. We actually ended up getting donor with Brad. The guys at the donor place knew very little English which made it hard to order. I really enjoy the Mediterranean spices so I thought the donor was very good. Kuka was such a cool site visit and really made day 5 a day to remember.

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